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The team at Shannon Vineyards strives to produce wines of elegance and finesse, wines that achieve power, not through higher alcohol but through core quality and complexity. Everything in the vineyard is done for a reason, to give the grapes every opportunity to reflect the harmony, balance, equilibrium and the expression of purity of the fruit. The winemaking approach of minimal intervention highlights the difference in terroirs and emphasizes minerality and individuality.

The name Shannon pays homage to our Irish ancestry. Our forefathers, the Shannon and Downes families were from County Cork, Ireland.  On the other side, the James family were wine merchants and former owners of the in Parsons Green, London.

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The Elgin Valley Wine Guild

Elgin Valley Wine Guild

The Elgin Valley is uniquely bountiful. Within its brief wine history, its elegant wines have won a disproportionately large clutch of coveted local and international awards, not to mention critical acclaim. The reasons being: the purposeful drive and passion of the family-owned vineyards that occupy the rolling valley floor, and nature's generosity.

The Elgin Valley is one the world's ideal wine-growing regions for many reasons:
  • A unique confluence of diverse micro-climates with close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Cooling cloud cover and high altitude.
  • Cold winters and adequate rainfall with complex, ancient soils.
  • Grapes in Elgin take longer to ripen on the vines.
  • This means low pH, good natural acidity and perfectly balanced ripe flavours.

That's why the awards. And why the Valley's unique trademark is classic wines, with elegance, structure and excellent ageing potential.

The South African Wine Industry is 350 years old

150 Years It was in 1652 that Jan van Riebeeck landed at the Cape, tasked with establishing a garden to provision VOC ships. The first vines arrived in 1655 imported from France, the Rhineland and Spain. Naturally, these were planted in the Company's Gardens, six acres of which survive as a botanical garden in central Cape Town to this day. Jan van Riebeeck's diary entry of February 2, 1659 reads: "today, praise be to God, wine was pressed for the first time from Cape grapes, and the new must was tested fresh from the vat."


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