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Sauvignon Blanc Semillon Voignier Pinot Noir Merlot


Shannon Vineyards used Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and two separate independent planting surveys to ensure that the correct grape variety and rootstock combination was planted in the soil types of the identified sites. There are 17 different variations of ancient soil types to choose from and slopes varying from cool South, South East, East and North East facing aspects. Our soils range from very heavy blue/red clays, iron enriched gravel known as Bokkeveld Shales, through to white silicate quartz encrusted sandstone known as Table Mountain Sandstone.

Shannon Vineyard’s cool climate can be attributed to:

  • its altitude within the Elgin Valley (260 to 800m),
  • being geographically cocooned in the Elgin Valley by mountain ranges,
  • its extreme minimum and maximum temperatures,
  • an emphasis on cold nighttime temperatures,
  • resulting in an average mean temperature of 19.5ºC during the ripening period,
  • an abundant rainfall of about 1000mm per year,
  • The vineyards benefiting from the prevailing cold summer South Easter wind, known as the “Black South-Easter”, blowing in from the ocean 12 kilometers away.

Viticulture practices to enhance longer ripening periods, together with the various soils, vine clonal selections and canopy management aim to capture the broad spectrum of flavours created from the cool climate, our unique terroir!

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