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Shannon Vineyards is situated in the Elgin Valley within the Kogelberg Biosphere with mountains on our western boundary and the Peninsula Dam forming the eastern boundary. The Elgin Valley which has long been regarded as the apple and pear centre of South Africa, now has some of the country's most highly regarded winemakers establishing vineyards in the area, testament to its obvious winemaking potential.
Mist Effect icon The cool climate at Shannon Vineyards is symbolised by the cold morning mist rising up from the fresh water of the Peninsula Dam which is expressed by the swirling design of our logo.

We focus on viticulture principles in order to reflect our commitment to winemaking as an expression of terroir. Technological surveys ensured that the correct grape variety, clone and rootstock combination was planted in the diverse ancient soil types. The vineyards benefit from the high altitude cool temperatures, as well as an abundant rainfall throughout the year and the prevailing cold summer wind, known as the "Black South-Easter" blowing in from the ocean 12 kilometres away. Viticulture practices and canopy management which enhance longer ripening periods capture in the wines, the broad spectrum of flavours created in the cool climate of our unique terroir!

Shannon Vineyards, a member of the Biodiversity Wine Initiative has maintained the undisturbed virgin soil in 8 meter wide corridors of natural fynbos (native Cape flora) between the vineyards, providing the indigenous animals with territorial access from the river banks to the mountainside.

Shannon Wines are produced from 12 different site specific vineyard blocks of Pinot Noir, 7 blocks of Sauvignon Blanc and a half hectare of Semillon as well as the now "work in progress" Viognier. The exciting Mount Bullet comes from the Merlot vineyard consisting of 5 clones. We strive at Shannon Vineyards to produce of complexity and elegance.

The name Shannon pays homage to our Irish ancestry. Our forefathers, the Shannon and Downes families were from County Cork, Ireland. On the other side, the James family were wine merchants and former owners of the (1882) in Parsons Green, the City Arms (in the City of London), the Rising Sun (Battersea) and the Marlborough (Chelsea).

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